Tuesday, 31 July 2007
Fictional tees

Via Fimoculous, comes this tee-shop called Last Exit to Nowhere, which is "home to a collection of unique shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction".

They have an OCP tee (the fictional evil corporation from Robocop), The Overlook Hotel (from Stephen King's The Shining), Nostromo (the human spaceship from Alien), Ludovico Technique (from A Clockwork Orange), etc.

One of their t-shirts is the guaranteed perfect gift for that cinephile we all know.
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Pedro at 09:28
Monday, 30 July 2007
Threadless-watch: Snake on a shirt

This is Snake on a tshirt, which Sa' d Khorsid submitted to Threadless two months ago. The design was scored a mere 2.40 out of 5 points by more than 2000 people, who left a total of 55 comments. I just can't understand how this amazing tee wasn't voted for printing by the Threadless masses. It's been on my wishlist since the first day I saw it. Oh, teeocracy, you disappoint me.
Pedro at 20:03
You can now comment this blog! Yay!
I finally got around to translating the comments area, which now uses the Haloscan service (thanks to Hugo). The previous comments are gone, but thanks to Joe for braving the portuguese-speaking options and leaving most of them. Feel free to comment Teelovers from now on :-)
Pedro at 17:34
Red White and Glue

Seen this one on Shirtlog.com, and I really dig it. Great design. The best of all is that it's on sale for 30% off.
Pedro at 12:03
Saturday, 28 July 2007
Etsy-Watch: Woody Allen tee

Sure beats Che Guevara. Check it out here.
Pedro at 21:50
Cameras tee

Designed by Andy Warhol for Levi's. On sale at Revolve Clothing for $45. They have an entire selection of tees designed by Warhol (for men and women).
Pedro at 21:46
Friday, 27 July 2007
Irish yoga tee

This one really made me laugh :-) Not that the portuguese "yoga" is that different...

Found on flickr.
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Pedro at 16:33
PopJunkie tees

I'm drooling... Amazing tee from PopJunkie2006, spotted by Fantastic Blognanza, which also has a list worth checking out of the top ten nautical tees. Out to sea costs $35. I really like its design, on top of the stripes.

Two other tees I liked in PopJunkie 2006. I'm a sucker for argyle tees (with those diamonds). This one is Gun Press.

Floral Lion.
Pedro at 14:21
Thursday, 26 July 2007
Safety third

Funny tee at Vintage Vantage. I've been discovering lots of new tee-shops thanks to this post from T-shirt Watch, which has coupon codes to some of them.

I've been craving this Life Aquatic tee for ages, and I was going to take advantage of the coupon code on T-shirt Watch, but Waterloo's checkout doesn't seem like it's working. Too bad.
Pedro at 09:29
The T-shirt from the Simpsons, The Movie

Found on flickr.
Pedro at 09:11
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